Earthworx Garden Centre

Apart from stocking a large variety of exceptional quality plants, we also offer a wide choice of pots, pavers and other hard landscaping products.


Our landscaping team is always available to offer advice and assist in transforming even the most reluctant garden into an oasis that can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

Children's Parties

Host your next birthday party at The Enchanted Forest play space at Earthworx. Our party planners will help you create an unforgettable party.

Earthworx Giftshop

Visit the Gift Shop at Earthworx for a range of gifts. From baskets to candles and beautiful artwork, you will find it at the gift shop. Open daily.

The Earthworx Gift Shop

Looking for the perfect gift? Visit the Earthworx Gift Shop where you will find a range of locally selected items from decor, candles, baskets, lights and more!

A garden always gives back much more than it receives

Mara Beamish

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