Garden Report: Hot Summer Months

During these hot Cape Town summer months, laws need regular attention - watering with grey water, weeding, feeding monthly and regular mowing on the highest setting. The worst thing to do to your lawn in these hot summer days is to cut it too short. The longer grass blades protect the roots from the hot sun and discourage weeds from getting established. If you have not top-dressed your lawn, it's not too late. Keep an eye out for lawn caterpillar or mole cricket. If large brown patches appear on your lawn, you could have lawn caterpillar. We find pesticide spray works faster and more efficiently. Use either Garden Insects or Makhro Cyper.

Also watch out for mealybug as the weather gets warmer and dryer. Red spider mite also enjoys dry, hot conditions. Spray with an insecticide (Makhro Cyper, Koinor or Margaret Roberts insecticide).

Don't forget to water your hanging baskets regularly and feed them with a liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

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