Christmas Gift Ideas: How to make a terrarium

Terrariums are easy-to-make, low-maintenance and can last almost indefinitely with minimal water.

Step 1: Find a glass container that you want to use - we have a selection of glass containers at Earthworx
Step 2: Choose 3 or 4 succulents as well as pebbles you can use to decorate
Step 3: Remove the plants out of their containers and place them in your glass bowl
Step 4: Arrange the plants & push down on the soil to keep them in place
Step 5: Sprinkle pebbles as the final finishing touch

You’ll likely have dirt all over the sides of the container, so wipe them down so you can enjoy the beautiful living world inside. Give the terrarium a little bit of water. Unlike most of your house plants, a terrarium doesn’t need to soaked: just a couple of shots of water should get it started.

Over time, monitor your terrarium’s water needs based on how dry the soil is. For terrariums with closed lids, if water is dripping down from the top, open the lid to let some evaporate. Likewise, you may need to add more if it looks parched. You shouldn’t need to water them very often.

Don’t place your terrarium in direct sunlight. Remember that these are essentially little greenhouses and direct sunlight through the glass will trap heat and scorch the plants. Place in indirect light for best results.

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