Spring is in the Air: Top Spring Tips

Spring is in the Air: Top Spring Tips

Top Spring Tips

Our fabulous warmer days are finally on their way which means it’s time for your garden to be brought back from the winter weather. Your garden needs some help getting back in shape so it’s time to get the necessary supplies from EarthWorx, pull out the tools and get to work. Here are some tips for your getting your spring garden looking beautiful by the time the season reaches its peak:

1. Clean out the garden.

Spring is the perfect time to set the right conditions for a beautiful summer garden. The most important thing to do for your garden right now is clean & remove all the winter debris. Clear any leaves or other debris out of perennial beds to prevent it from choking your flowers before they can bloom. Get rid of any branches or stems on shrubs & trees that may have been damaged over winter. Remove any dead winter annuals. Winter weeds need to be pulled out as soon as possible before they flower, produce seeds & multiply. Get your garden ready for the season ahead. This is also a good time to sharpen your garden tools, if needed, because you’re going to need them for plant maintenance and soil care.

2. Replenish the soil.

Add organic material like compost or manure to your flower beds. You will also need to add more fertilizer to improve the health of the soil and increase the life of your plants.

3. Trim old plants.

Plants will need to be pruned so they’ll grow anew in the spring. Blooming plants should be pruned right after they bloom to avoid cutting off future flowers. Summer plants should be pruned in early spring.

4. Add mulch.

In addition to fertilizers and organic materials, you should think about adding mulch to your flower beds and garden. A few cm’s of mulch helps to prevent weeds and diseases. It also keeps the moisture in the garden and helps to maintain a consistent soil temperature as well as adding nutrients to your soil as the mulch decomposes. The rule of thumb is to keep the mulch a few inches from the plant stems to prevent roots from rotting.

5. Plant new flowers and shrubs.

Once the garden is back in shape and cleaned up, it’s time to turn your attention to new plants. A visit to EarthWorx will be a guideline as to what to plant as we always carry the best seasonal flowers & veggies. If you have a vegetable garden, it’s time to get the beds into shape & put your spring crops in. Putting some time in up front can make things easier & set you up for a successful gardening season with great results all year long.

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